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ISNET® – International Sales Network

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    Manufacture, Mechanical Components - Developing a sales network for a US manufacturer in US states and Europe.

Most mid to small sized manufacturers, companies, sales organizations, distributors etc. are not in a position to expand their businesses effectively into international markets, mostly hampered by financial, and or staffing resources. Expanding into new markets is one of the most important activities a company, distributor or business individual, such as sales agents, should undertake in order to ensure financial stability, growth and, overall, a healthy income. The benefits of international sales and marketing are many: Exports mean additional customers. This means increased sales, which translate to higher profits. Exporting gives geographic diversity. When there is a decline in the domestic economy, your export markets can still enable you to maintain or grow your sales. Exporting often extends the life cycle of a product which may be maturing in your domestic market. Marketing growth abroad often exceeds that at home. Export business frequently balances domestic factory loads because demands for products in foreign markets is often countercyclical to domestic markets. ISNET® - International Sales Network assists you in finding the right markets for your company to expand into, qualified sales agents, sales reps, distributors or new product lines

Most export activity by small businesses is on a hit-or-miss, opportunistic basis.

While large, multinational companies have the knowledge and resources to develop export markets, most mid-market and smaller companies do not. Small businesses account for 97% of the total number of establishments involved in direct merchandising activities. While these companies have usually planned strategic domestic marketing programs, much of their export activity is on a hit-or-miss, opportunistic basis. Exporting is used as an occasional fill-in when the domestic economy is slow, to temporarily utilize excess capacity, or to dispose of obsolete product. These activities do not lead to successful international marketing programs.

Join the Network!

ISNET® – International Sales Network is involved in international sales, marketing and export development on behalf of small to mid-market companies since decades. We do not see any reason why a small, but highly professional manufacturer should not benefit from starting or expanding a sales activity. Many companies do not have any direct sales capability but exist by reputation, word of mouth, and are extremely vulnerable to any form of negative economic change. Joined with ISNET® are about 200,000 equipment manufacturers that receive leads and inquiries through the leads system of Revrok.Net About 100,000 metal fabrication machining companies are listed at our free manufacturers' directory, and again about 100,000 process equipment manufacturers are a part of our team, here. Our website venues SalesAgentRep.Com and Oil-Gas-Chemical-Jobs.Com lists sales agents, sales reps and distribution opportunities.


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Manufacturers' Agents, Multiagent Sales Distributors

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New Product Lines

Motion Industries
motionindustries distributors ISNET® – International Sales Network

Manufacturers, Multiagent Sales Distributors

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New Product Lines, Exporters

W.W. Grainger
W W Grainger ISNET® – International Sales Network

Distributors, Multiagent Sales Distributors

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New Product Lines, Exporters

ISNET® Sales & Marketing Business Sectors

At the left you will see our current Business Sectors. They relate manufacturers, manufacturers’ reps, sales agent, industrial distributors, globally as business partners. A US parts manufacturer may be prepared to do business with a German industrial distributor, importing the US manufacturers’ products into Germany and the EU. etc. and vice versa. This is how it works. When you manufacture or sell, for instance, “Aerospace & Aviation Components” you list your company or activities, selecting that business sector. You can select up to five different business sectors that you are active in. You select in addition those fields that let people know what areas, territories, you are interested to expand into or that you are simply looking for a new product line. Your listing will be read by Manufacturers, Manufacturers’ Reps, Sales Agents, Commission Only Sales Agents, Sales Job Seekers, Brokers, Exporters, Importers people that are looking for a License, Franchise, Consultants and Services Providers. You will receive responses directly into your free listing account, a reactive selling approach.

Proactive vs Reactive Selling:
Proactive selling is a sales approach that empowers the salesperson to take control of the sales process, instead of waiting for the potential customer to do so. Proactive companies may choose to present their products as a solution to a problem the client doesn’t yet know they have.  Selling proactively usually means that the sales person should know more about the products they sell and their applications than the user does. Proactive sellers need to be specialists in their fields, experienced people, to be successful. Proactive sales based on sound product and application know how also generates better margins for companies. Reactive sales is simply responding to a situation without a strategy to arrive at the desired outcome. When a salesperson takes a more reactive approach, they’re more focused on responding to inquiries of their potential customers than reaching out and initiating the sale. This often leads to missing many viable orders one otherwise would have had with a proactive approach.

ISNET® offers proactive sales support in several ways: 1. Defining the business sector, the most effective way to approach that business sector in order to be successful. 2. Direct sales, sales representation, distribution or a combination of these? 3. Search for “specialist” sales, distribution partners that can market your products or services on a professional basis, sound knowledge of product and application. This in contradiction to many companies that simply place their products with generalists that simply create a basket of products and sell on an opportunistic, reactive, basis. “When I cannot sell this product today, I may sell the other that I have in my basket”. Even that of your competitor. ISNET can also manage your sales and act as your agent on a continuous basis. Request us here to sell and market your products.

environmental marketing business opportunitiesOPPORTUNITIES

Currently, there are many alternative business segments that could provide substantial growth for your businesses including manufacturers, agents, distributors, consultants and services providers. Opportunities include: green, environmental, sustainable products manufacture, sales and distribution, clean air, air purification, CO2 removal, energy management, energy power generation alternatives (geothermal, wind, solar, etc.), related software, anything related to reduce carbon footprint etc.

Energy auditing and green consulting, environmental law, green landscaping, composting, air duct maintenance, new air duct systems for schools/businesses, eco-friendly foods, organic nutritionist, energy-efficient vehicles, transport, create new recycle processes,eco-friendly fashion, eco-travel, organic spa’s, recycled clothes, furniture and home goods, toys, green remodeling – take something old make it sustainable, installation of sustainable energy products, provide green capital, refurbish/recycle technical or industrial products,

Medical products marketing business opportunities, manufacture, distribution and retailing of medical products, equipment and services.